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Are you ready to elevate your business - and let your soul-aligned business soar towards a life of abundance and reach a whole new level?

Are you taking all the ‘right’ actions in your business - but still experiencing blocks in your money flow?

Is your mind brimming with ideas - but your heart feels overwhelmed and uncertain about the next steps to take?

Something is stopping you from stepping into your TRUE power.
Your lack of progress is creating uncertainty and inner disarray.

You have a strong desire to make more money, while also making more impact.  But it’s not happening. 

Somehow, your heart’s mission and actions have stumbled out of alignment.

Open your heart and mind to a complete business, body, and soul transformation.

Uncover who you truly are, allow yourself to be seen, take life by the reins, and start walking your path towards your dream life in 2020.

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Kathryn Ottobrino
Join renowned Soul Leader and Transformation Life Coach, Speaker, and Healer Kathryn Ottobrino on a deeply transformative journey.

We will delve deep into soul-searching, self-confidence, and business strategy. 

Re-discover yourself in a luxurious sanctuary on the abundantly magical island of Bali.

to the next level of your journey.
Nestled in nature, this 4 day immersion in the world’s renowned spiritual hub will allow you to quieten your mind and gain clarity around the next steps in your business journey.
  • You’ll refine your offerings.
  • ​You'll discover new tools and ways to make the magic happen.
  • ​You'll uncover steps to reach your financial mission.
And it’ll all happen while surrounded by supportive and understanding spiritual-driven leaders and entrepreneurial light workers
- just like you.

Women who understand your journey 
- but are also struggling.

Women who also want consistent income 
- and feel safe and secure in their business.

Women who are ready to take on the world!

“You’re always 
one decision away from a totally different life.” 
- Anonymous
we’ll focus on these 4 key areas:
Establish a strong strategy for 2020’s second quarter by looking at what you have and what you need. Dive into your dreams and goals and decipher your way through the waves. It’s time to gain the clarity you’ve been seeking.
Visibility & Sharing 
Your Message
Discover how to connect and inspire potential clients - so they see and fall in love with the real you. Learn tips for reaching out via social media. And embrace your inner goddess through a branding photo shoot.
Uncover anything that’s been holding you back and develop a strong marketing strategy to help you launch forward. Develop an understanding of key systems and automation to improve efficiency and reach financial freedom faster.
Tap into your intuition and realise or realign yourself with wealth mindset. Create offerings and pricing that embrace your true value. Most importantly, learn how to build your self-confidence and self-worth to master a successful.
  • Luxury accommodation in a private villa in Bali with all meals included 
  • Daily Business Workshops with Kathryn 
  • 1:1 Intuitive Business Reading with Kathryn  
  • 4 Guest speakers/Experts
  • Daily ​yoga classes
  • ​Luxury spa experience
  • ​A special tailored branding photo shoot with images to take home for future branding
  • ​Private FB group for one month after the event for extra support
You have so much love and knowledge to give and you’re 
passionate about sharing your message and mission with the world and creating IMPACT. 

But you’re experiencing a disconnect.

Your business dreams still feel out of reach.

Money isn’t flowing.

Your heart’s desires aren’t being met.

You’re not living the life of abundance you know you deserve AND desire.

It’s time to step into your TRUTH.  

It’s time to let go of all the things holding you back.

It’s time to immerse yourself in the nourishing healing energy surging from Bali’s beautiful surrounds.

It’s time to be embraced by a supportive and understanding circle of women just like you. Who understand your journey. Who are also struggling.

It’s time to experience a holistic transformative experience for both you and your business.
“The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough.”
― Randy Pausch
As a Spiritual Business and Transformational Life Coach, Intuitive Healer, Speaker, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) / Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner and Retreat Facilitator, Kathryn Ottobrino is no ordinary coach.

Having mastered various spiritual modalities, Kathryn has helped countless women throughout Australia and abroad battle a range of personal challenges and overcome a string of limiting self-beliefs.

Several years ago, Kathryn herself was trapped in an unrelenting cycle of anxiety, depression and constant negative thinking, and struggled to find purpose in her corporate sales career.

When Kathryn finally found the courage to take a leap of faith and answer her soul’s true calling, all elements of her life were at last in alignment, and she experienced success of a whole new magnitude completely out of this world.

Now, Kathryn has set her sights on sharing her wisdom and supporting spiritual entrepreneurs to experience the same incredible success and joy she has – by turning their budding business dreams into profitable, successful, loveable ventures.

Putting to work her vast skill set and her many years of experience, Kathryn is passionate about helping women like you learn how to own their gifts while earning a consistent income – it’s what she was born to do!

Join us for an indulgent 4-day experience on a spiritual island filled with wonder. 

Led by Spiritual Business and Transformational Life Coach, Kathryn Ottobrino, the Spiritual Business Immersion Retreat offers the opportunity to reflect, reawaken, and renew your dreams for 2020.

Staying in a luxury private villa, you’ll step into the abundant life you’ve always desired among women who share the same heart song.

Allow your head and heart space to reconnect with your truth and business dreams via daily Business Workshops, yoga classes, a 1:1 Intuitive Business Readings, and inspirational excursions around Bali.

Walk away with glamorous professional lifestyle and headshots to reignite your branding and visibility to the world.
The Spiritual Business Immersion will leave you with a renewed sense of clarity for the steps forward in your business journey.  

Embraced and inspired by a circle of soul tribe women, we’ll help you reignite the fire in your belly - enabling you to experience newfound warmth and confidence in both your inner-self and your business.

You’ll also uncover a new elevated strategy aligned with your purpose, including new offers to release to the market.

Overall, the retreat will provide a fresh approach to reaching your dreams, and improve your flow, ease, and alignment in your business.

Still not sure if this is right for you?  Click below to book in a FREE consultation call with Kathryn and learn exactly how this retreat can help you.
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Working with Kathryn had so many benefits from encouraging me to listen to my intuition and show up as my true self, and accountability in all areas of my life.

Whilst working with Kathryn it’s given me the confidence to do things I’ve wanted to do for so long like build an online course. But she also helped with the structure, the practicalities, the launch and the energy around it.

I would definitely recommend working with Kathryn as you’re business coach and you don’t be disappointed.
Caroline Taylor Smith-McClean
I’ve loved working with Kathryn. She truly goes above and beyond, being there no matter what. This in itself helped incredibly.

She gave me tangible advice for my business which was easily implemented. She also helped me emotionally and spiritually being my biggest cheerleader and such a supportive mentor.

Kathryn authentically wants her clients to succeed both in business and inner fulfillment.
She walk her talk and is super open and honest.
I can’t recommend her enough!
Maria Sutera
I have been working with Kathryn for 4 months now.
I have had my business for about 18 months and was really challenged with attracting my ideal clients and with making the money I feel I now deserve.

When I first started working with Kathryn, I firstly had an immersion day with her. This was an incredible day. By the end of our 6 hours together I had strategies and guidelines to start making a difference to my business.
In the First month of working with Kathryn I attracted my ideal clients and for the first time ever I made $4k therefore paying for having Kathryn as my coach.

Working with Kathryn has totally changed the direction of my business. Kathryn supports me totally in my Business, calls me out on my BS and keeps me accountable. I am so grateful and blessed to have Kathryn as my biggest cheerleader and for enabling me to serve my clients and also run a successful business.
Karina Barrett

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Kathryn one on one. She took the time to actively listen to my story, where I had come from, my vision and goals for the future in my business and carefully sorted the mess in my head into a clear and concise plan. 

She gave me a path to energetic alignment into my business and how my many goals fitted together and held up a mirror to the things that needed adjustment and things that were not working for me. 

She helped me to realise the importance of success on a purpose level, not just financial and we implemented a step by step plan of how to start to move things in the right direction. Always so responsive with support, always checking in and always inspiring. I would recommend her to all of my friends. So much value and clarity to be gained from her. 
Roxane Lebrasse
I had the most amazing 'Immersion' session with Kathryn over 2 days and I also did her phenomenal '28 days to launch' course. With Kathryn's guidance I launched 2 workshops - booked out to great success, & learnt to brand, market, and launch my new online programmes for Jan 2020. I have a clear plan for the next 6 months and Kathryn helped me clarify my strategy and focus on what to do next & how to do it. 

I love her 'no excuses approach', & her intuitive style that she applies to all clients and their businesses. She helped me to get over my fear of being seen & heard & encouraged me to do my first FB Lives! I haven't looked back since. She has that most amazing heart and her enthusiasm will rub off on you!! If you are looking to upscale your business, your skills, and actually create the impact you KNOW you were put here on earth to do AND create an abundant life while doing it then work with Kathryn, I highly recommend her. 
Mary Catherine McNena Pathak

Working with Kathryn has been an eye-opening, transformational journey. I have experienced real, tangible change in myself and my business in only a few short months. Kathryn guided me in such an honest and raw way, helping me to learn to just experience the flow of energy through my business and not to over-analyse, over-think, and be so black and white! Kathryn helped me transform from uncertainty, scepticism, and loss of direction, to success, business wins, and an insightful way forward.

I was able to excel my business and allow it to grow into something I had never dreamed possible. I developed new ideas, new strategies, and so many new tools that will help me continue to grow an
d flourish.  Kathryn always showed up with unwavering commitment and grace. Our conversations were always fun and so incredibly valuable. Thank you, Kathryn, for helping my dream become my reality.
Jen Bullers
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